About the Project

By The Team

Technology has changed the way that people can play games, from casual gamers who play a few times a week or month on their phone, to those who play every day and make a living playing professionally. This documentary takes the audience on a journey through all the levels of gamers providing testimonials and background information from each group.

Level Up explores the video gaming culture from the perspective of a wide range of gamers starting with casual smart phone gamers to avid, professional gamers, LAN Party organizers and video game content creators. The documentary covers a brief history of video games and their social angle, as well as the competitive aspect engendered by large-scale gaming events. This is a current and relevant topic examined through interviews and research and presented in an interesting and engaging manner.

The story will be presented in five five-minute segments each depicting the different levels of the gamer. It is all woven together by the interviews and the social interactions within each level of gamer.

Scope of Film

1.     Show the basic background of the rise of video games as one of the most popular forms of entertainment.  Brief overview of video game genres and types of games.
2.     Illustrate the different types of video game cultures, their activities, lingo and events. Provide specific examples of different types of gamers and gaming, including professional and competitive levels.
3.     Bring into the open the controversy surrounding video games and their possible violent effects into society, and the stereotypes of gamers.  Hear their side of the story to put things into perspective.
4.     A look into the future from the eyes of players and content producers.  It’s all about the fun.

Length, Distribution and Media

1.     Target Length: ~20 minutes
2.     Distribution: national and international student documentary competitions and festivals. Compressed web version and music on production URL.
3.     Video: AVCHD

Production Elements

1.     Interviews with players, event organizers and video game content producers.
2.     Footage from various events and situations such as LAN Fest, individual gamers playing in their home environment,  WoW sessions at CSU Student Union and bar craft events in the local Fort Collins area.
3.     Stills from some video games to provide examples of the games played, all within the fair use statutes or used with permission of the content owners.
4.     Original music soundtrack produced for the film.
5.     Original and dynamic effects and short animations created to enhance the visual information presented.