Documentary Treatment

By The Team

Scene Cards
Scene 01 Introduction and background history – The opening scene will feature a brief snippet from one of our interviews where a player talks about how pixels have taken over his life (as in video games). Then it will proceed to give some background information and history about video game play. Some archival footage may be used (we are working on securing permissions) and still images with background narration. Some visual graph representations to illustrate important facts about the industry and the profiles of different players will be interspersed.

Scene 02 The Gamer Stereotype – This scene will be composed of interviews and narration regarding the gamer stereotype and how that may or may not be a myth. Very short bits of footage from some TV shows is being considered as part of this section (South Park episode about the topic). We are still debating about whether it will fall under the fair-use clauses.

Scene 03 Casual gamer – This scene will include at least three different casual gamers playing on their mobile devices angry birds or on the computer (Farmville) and interviews about their gaming habits. The B-Roll will include mobile devices and a definition and factoids of casual games. We want to get some good closeups of the devices and games being played to illustrate the action.

Scene 04 Console gamers Wii – This scene will include a female player using Wii Fit, cut with an interview with her talking about how she got into it, how she uses it, etc. The scene will also include B-Roll with visual and narrated information about the Wii system.

Scene 05 Console gamer X-Box, Wii and PS3 gamers – Players playing Call of Duty, Smash Brothers and other similar console games. We will juxtapose interviews and footage from a female group of gamers and a male group of gamers. The scene will also include snippets and B-Roll about the systems themselves and the type of gaming culture around these console games.

Scene 06 Day-to-Day Gamer – Massively Multiplayer Online Games – This scene will include sequences from at least two different people playing Starcraft at home with other players online and gamers in the CAVE at CSU playing WoW. The narration and B-Roll will cover the model for these games and why they’re so successful, as well as some factoids of the industry, including number of players, earnings, etc.

Scene 07 Pro Gaming Lan Fest – This scene will feature footage shot at LanFest in Loveland, including interviews and gamers playing to illustrate a Pro-Gaming event in all its glory.

Scene 08 Pro Gaming BarCraft – This scene will take place at Boulder Beer Co. and features people watching a StarCraft match while they socialize in a bar scene. There will be short interviews interspersed with reaction shots of what’s going on during the social event.

Scene 09 About the gaming culture from the mouth of gamers – a video collage with good sound/video bites summarizing the different Levels in the video game culture, using interesting bits from the footage gathered from the different “Levels”.

Scene 10 Into the future – This scene will include interviews with gamers and at least one video game developer about where they see video games going into the future, including the technology and the social aspect of it. Some B-Roll/stills will be used of book covers and movies that have speculative fiction themes related directly to the future of video games (some examples are Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson, the movie Gamer and War Games). The scene is intended to be a future view and speculation into what may be based on what there is already.

Raw Footage plan
Footage needed will be b-roll of all the interviews (close-ups of face, eyes, mouth, hands, background shots with camera and lights set up) B-roll of various events (Barcraft, LAN fest, gaming night, Starcraft tournaments) Interviews of various gamers, console gamers, day to day gamers, casual gamers. Footage of the plaza and people playing games on their phones, computers or tablet devices. B-Roll of console gamers (games being played, CU of consoles, CU of people playing, watching or commenting on the game).

Graphics and visual design

The graphics and visual design will include lower-third titles for interviewees, call-outs to clarify jargon and technical terms and custom section dividers with interesting graphics effects. We plan to capitalize on the graphic strengths of video games and transfer this to the graphics used to enhance the production.

Custom soundtrack composed by Peter Peterson using Garage Band and Soundtrack Pro. Source sounds and sound effects will either be custom generated or acquired from sites like: Overclocked Remix (